Leaving a Legacy of Hope

Including LSS Foundation, Inc. in your will or as a beneficiary will strengthen our ability to provide transformative care to the individuals, children and families LSS serves now and in the future.

Leaving a Legacy of Hope is easier than you think! Bequests are future gifts everyone can afford. Bequests cost nothing now, yet you can achieve your philanthropic goals as a visionary of our future.


Pastor Homme Legacy Giving Vehicles

Wills • Trusts • Brokerage Accounts • Retirement Accounts • Life Insurance • Bank Accounts • IRAs

To learn more about how the LSS Foundation, Inc. recognizes bequests through the Pastor Homme Legacy Society, contact us today.

Would you like to be remembered as a person who created a future where every individual feels valued?
You can, by making a gift to the LSS Foundation.

For nearly 50 years the LSS Foundation has been partnering with compassionate people everywhere to support
the mission work of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Gifts to the Foundation are
pooled with gifts from other donors and wisely invested under the watchful eyes of a skilled team of LSS
Foundation Board members and an independent financial services firm. Your gift becomes part of this greater
whole, and makes a long-lasting impact. The Foundation makes an annual distribution to LSS, which supports
the transformational work that brings independence, sustainability and well-being to those we serve. In addition
to the annual distribution, the Foundation supports innovative initiatives, capital projects and special needs of
LSS programs. Examples of this work are described in the enclosed insert.

Some donors choose to make planned future gifts, known as legacy gifts, to the Foundation. One of the
easiest ways to make a legacy gift is through a bequest in your will. A bequest costs you nothing now, yet
allows you to achieve your philanthropic goals as a visionary of our future.

Arlene Bickley’s will said a lot about her. Arlene and her late husband Bob had a farm in central Wisconsin. In
addition to the farm, Arlene was a high school teacher for 35 years until her retirement. She and Bob were
active in their church and their community. Arlene passed in 2020, and in her will she left a generous bequest to
LSS. Arlene’s bequest demonstrated her belief in the infinite worth of every individual, no matter the challenges
they face. In one sentence, Arlene ensured that she would continue to bring hope and healing to those
who are struggling, long after her lifetime.

What does your will say about you?

Having a will is important for everyone, not just the wealthy. A will is a simple tool for protecting your loved ones
and for ensuring that your wishes are carried out in the future.

If there is anything the last few years have taught us, it is that our lives can change dramatically without much
warning. It only makes sense, then, to create a plan for the future that takes care of those you love most.

A legacy gift can be a donation of any size. Making a bequest in your will does not require fancy language or extensive technical knowledge. The bequest can be stated as a dollar amount or as a percentage. It can be designated to support a specific type of service or to address a specific need. We offer sample wording in the enclosed insert to get you started.
Some people make a legacy gift to honor or memorialize a person they love. Jerry and Sandra Osborne, and Sandra’s brother Allen Fox, established the Esther Erickson Fox Fund to memorialize Sandra and Allen’s mother. The fund was established to strengthen families, “because mom was the strength of our family,” according to Sandra. When Allen passed in 2010, a portion of his estate went to the fund. Similar arrangements are in place for Jerry and Sandra. Jerry and Sandra are active people, engaged with their family and community and ambassadors for LSS. We are delighted that their plan is in place, but we are also hoping we don’t realize that gift for quite some time!

When you make arrangements to leave a legacy gift, you join donors like Jerry and Sandra in our Pastor E. J. Homme Legacy Society. Back in 1882, Pastor Homme’s ministry centered on ensuring that every person had the safety, security and stability of a warm, supportive home. His commitment to orphans and the elderly have evolved into today’s LSS. This year, in partnership with donors like you, LSS marks 140 years of empowering individuals to overcome their challenges and chart a course to a brighter future. Last year, we served in all 72 counties of Wisconsin and in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Increasing by 15% in 2021, we reached 13,420 individuals, which brought hope and healing to more than 30,000 which includes their family members.

We are proud to carry Pastor Homme’s legacy of transformation into the future, and we invite you to join us by making it part of your legacy. As a member of the Pastor E.J. Homme Legacy Society you will receive periodic updates and special invitations, but most importantly, you will have the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to the long-term impact of LSS.

  • If you have already arranged for a legacy gift to LSS or the LSS Foundation, please complete and return the enclosed reply card so we can ensure your membership in the Pastor E.J. Homme Legacy Society is reflected in our records.
  • If you would like more information about the logistics of making a legacy gift, please complete and return the enclosed reply card and someone from LSS will contact you.
  • If you are not ready to make a legacy gift at this time, but would like to make a current gift to the LSS Foundation, please use the return envelope we have enclosed for your convenience, or make your gift online.

We are delighted to mark 140 years of service, and we want to continue serving long into the future. Your legacy gift helps to ensure a bright future, not just for LSS, but for the individuals, children and families that we serve.



The following are suggested forms of bequests that may be used:


General bequest
I give and bequeath ______ or _______ % to LSS Foundation, Inc., a corporation, for the use and benefit of all of its locations, or its successors in interest.


Bequest of residue
I give, bequeath and devise all of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, whether real or personal, and wherever situated, to LSS Foundation, Inc., a corporation, for the use and benefit of all locations or to its successors in interest.


Bequest to a specific location
I give and bequeath to LSS Foundation, Inc., a corporation, for the use and benefit of its (named) location, or to its successors in interest.


Devise of real estate
I give and devise to LSS Foundation, Inc., a corporation, or to its successors in interest, all that certain parcel of real property described as hereinafter set forth; (here describe the real property)


Designation of Beneficiary for Life Insurance Policies or Pension Plans (IRA, Retirement Savings Plans, etc.)
(To be furnished to insurance company or plan administrator on their form)
I hereby designate LSS Foundation, Inc., a corporation, beneficiary of Policy No. _________ or _______ plan.


For more information, please contact Jackie Harcourt at jackie.harcourt@lsswis.org or 262-305-5952 or Cynthia (Cindy) Halverson at Cynthia.halverson@elca.org or 773-380-2572.


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