Compassion in Every Stitch

Each year, a dedicated group of expert quilters produces hundreds of beautiful, handmade quilts, sewn with care and compassion in every stitch. The quilters are members of Mt. Hope Lutheran Church in West Allis, Wisconsin, and on a Sunday in September the quilts were draped over the pews and piled high around the altar.

As they have for many years, the congregation blessed the quilts, then packed them up to be sent to people in need, near and far. While the majority of the quilts are distributed through Lutheran World Relief, the quilters of Mt. Hope also decided to tithe their quilts for use in Wisconsin through LSS.

LSS received 30 of these special quilts. They are being given to girls, ages 13 through 18, who will be served by a trauma-informed residential treatment program for victims of human trafficking. The girls will find comfort when wrapped in the warmth of these lovingly made quilts. LSS is grateful for all donated quilts, which are needed and used in residential, shelter and crisis management programs that serve children and adults across Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

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